The Ocean is our Common Home – The Blue Planet

OCEAN – Creator and life-sustaining system

The Ocean is the defining feature of our planet. It has a vital role in climate regulation, carbon storage, food webs, and the provision of all life on Earth. We have a single ocean interconnected by ocean basins: Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Antarctic; which provides a link between all the resources of the planet, making it a vehicle of transport and element of connection between all substances and continents. Besides being a great receptacle, in which everything on the earth at a certain moment was carried to the sea. That is, the ocean is the essence of our blue planet.

Therefore, preserving the ocean is a condition for the preservation of the human species.

As the beloved ocean lawyer, Dr. Silvia Earle, creator of Hope Spots, “no blue, no green”!

Ciência Viva

Perpetual Ocean – About the ocean circulation – NASA

Drª Sylvia Earle

Hope Spots

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