A Marine Mentality Can Save the Ocean?

In 2013 was created by NOAA, the Ocean Literacy – OL “the essential principles and fundamental concepts of the sea sciences for apprentices of all ages”. There are seven essential principles of OL:

1) The Earth has a global and very diverse Ocean;

2) The Ocean and marine life have a strong action in the dynamics of the Earth;

3) The ocean has an important influence on the climate;

4) The Ocean allows the land to be habitable;

5) The Ocean supports an immense diversity of life and ecosystems;

6) The Ocean and humanity are strongly interconnected;

7) There is much to discover and explore on the Ocean.

As the poet Neruda would say in his Enigmas, there is much to discover in the Ocean; and education is a starting point, a convergence and strategic point from which so many others can expand on this long road of discovery and harmonious coexistence necessary between man and nature.

In Portugal, Ciência Viva created the Project to Know the Ocean, bringing together scholars from the marine sciences and education to adapt the principles of Ocean Literacy to the Portuguese school curriculum.

In Brazil this process is still beginning with the name Understand the Ocean. Involving researchers from Furg / RS, Unicamp / SP.

We did a work the environmental educator with fisheries of Brandão Village, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. This videos was created for this project that was financiated for National Geographic Society. @InsideNatGeo




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